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Aaron McDonald, Owner / Partner

Aaron started showing his strong work ethic and ambitious drive at a young age, driving truck after school during High School. He started fulltime with MRS in 2004 assembling trim machines after attending college at Gonzaga University where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 2005 he moved into Purchasing and Shop Operation which is what he still currently does. He enjoys spending time with his wife and their two children. When he’s not at work he likes mountain biking, snow skiing and classic cars & trucks. Here’s a little bit more about Aaron – If you met him for happy hour, he’d order any beer except for IPA. Someone he admires is Dave Ramsey because he loves his simple, stable and ethical business model. The best piece of advice Aaron’s been given is pay cash for everything. Don’t carry any debt! His personal motto would be “You can sleep when you’re dead.” If he won the lottery tomorrow, he’d open a Ski Resort. (And, you know, keep working here at MRS.) When he was 10 years old, he wanted to be an Auto Mechanic. And finally, if he could be anywhere other than here, right this minute, it would be in the mountains.


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