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Titan Series

Single or Double Deck Rollformers

The Titan Series Rollformer blends precision, durability and technology in a way that satisfies industrialists and businessmen alike.

Available as a single or double deck rollformer, the Titan Series has many features that makes it your best choice in a high-speed rollforming line including:

  • Heavier duty design
  • Shear comes standard with every purchase
  • Automatic friction-controlled drive system
  • Hardened steel tooling
  • State of the art engineering
  • Advanced hydraulic design on the coil reel
  • Full speed at 200 feet per minute

The Titan Series Rollforming Line is a real work horse! The durability of the rollformer allows for a higher production rate and ease of maintenance.


Single or Double Deck

Available as either a single or double deck rollformer. You can purchase a single deck and upgrade to the double deck when the time is right.


In-house designed and in-house precision machined dies are made from hardened industrial grade alloy and then chrome plated for longevity.

Chain Drive

The chain drive features self-aligning, double taper lock bearings with an adjustable nut to set the preload in the bearings. These are the finest design in bearings while handling heavy loads and high speeds. Compared to a gear box, the chain drive is very low maintenance and provides positive engagement and increased reliability. The positive engagement and reliability provides the machine the best drive system on the market.

Friction Drive Rolls

Friction Drive Rolls help to keep the rollformer running at an optimum level by automatically adjusting to match the speed of the sheet. This self-adjusting feature is superior when running the faster line speed. The poly urethane wheels are precision designed and molded to provide decades of trouble free service.

Multi-Batch Controls

Every Titan Rollformer comes with a UL approved control panel equipped with multi-batch controls. The colored touch screen allows the operator to enter orders in feet and inches or just in inches. The operator can enter up to 100 different lengths in 100 different batches. Visit the Multi-Batch Controls page for more information!

In-Feed Table

The MRS In-Feed Table has an adjustable crank handle to accommodate different coil widths and the powered belt rollers feed material into the rollformer to be run. It also has the ability to raise and lower to align with the two different profiles on the double deck rollformer.

Precut Shear

MRS’ unique VFD electric motor drive system allows the shear to cut any length sheet up to 100 feet. The 4-sided shear blades average one year per side, giving it an average 4-year life on the blade before needing to be re-sharpened. The rollformer can be designed with a precut or post cut shear. Most of our rollformers are designed with a precut shear, providing a cleaner, smoother cut and reducing the risk of scratching during packaging panels.

Flat Sheet Operation

The in-feed table will raise high enough to run flat sheets over the top and automatically exit the end of the rollformer for one man to stack flat sheets for manufacturing trim and snap-loc.

Changeover Time

The changeover time between the top deck and bottom deck are approximately 30 seconds. This quick changeover time allows faster production and keeps your machine running.

Titan Coil Reel & Cart

A 6-ton coil reel is included with all Titan Rollforming Lines. The coil reel is equipped with maximum duty bent axis motor and gearbox which drives the coil reel to precision speed. Four arms instead of three allow for a better grip and less damage to the coil.

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