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The pre-cut shear comes standard on every Titan, Signature and Patriot Rollformer purchase.  Advantages of the pre-cut shear are its unique upward cut design that reduces scratching on the painted surface of the panel.  The integrated feed table provides a flat surface during the cut and helps eliminate any damage.  The standard four-sided blades are designed to last on average one year per blade, therefore you only have to resharpen the blades once every four years.  The pneumatic power shear allows for the simplest and easiest method for the owner to maintain, with no unnecessary hydraulics to increase maintenance and repairs.  The shear comes with many other features such as:

  • Adjustable crank handle for different coil widths
  • VFD electric motor drive system
  • Any length sheet up to 100 feet can be cut
  • Jog button for ease of loading sheets
  • Adjustable in-feed rolls for tension
  • Shear comes with a dryer, lubricator and muffler on the pneumatic power system
  • Optional film applicator