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Hemming Rollformer

Hem one or both edges on a Hemming Rollformer

MRS’ Hemming Rollformer allows companies who make a variety of trim profiles on a brake to now bend one or both edges of a flat sheet in a single pass through the rollformer.

The hemming rollformer has many features including:

  • Adjustable to 4″-24″ width capacity
  • Can run grade 80 and grade 50 material with ease
  • Specialized tear drop hem design allows for 80 ksi material to be run effortlessly
  • ​120 feet of hemmed material per minute
  • Hem one edge or two edges in a single pass
  • Last pass allows for quick adjustable pass for closing the hem

​​This not only saves you time on making trim, but also allows more time to be spent bending trim pieces.  Your increase in production will more than pay for the financial investment in the equipment!



Computerized CNC machined dies made from hardened industrial grade alloy and then chrome plated for longevity.

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