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Sheet Stacker

Metal Rollforming Systems offers two styles of stackers – the magnetic stacker and the zero clearance drop stacker.

With a stacker, sheets are protected from scratches all the while keeping your rollformer in production.  The sheets stay protected by sliding along the rollers and guides rather than each other.  The pneumatic powered stacker arms are triggered by a photo eye which releases the panels and drops them onto the stacked sheets.  The design of both stackers allows for minimal drop distance of the panel which is key for a successful stacker.  The drop distance is normally four inches.  The less distance the sheet has to drop, the more uniform the stacked sheets will be.

Once an order is complete, the discharge table transfers the order onto the C-frames for packaging, then returns back to the stacker to allow the rollformer to stay running.  The discharge table is fully powered – in, out, up, down.  This creates a higher production rate and in turn, makes your company more profitable.

  • Magnetic rollers or hydraulic zero clearance drop styles
  • Drop distance adjustable between 2″ – 12″ of drop
  • Stacks sheets up to 40′ in length
  • Optional hydraulic cylinders raise and lower for top deck and bottom deck operation
  • Motorized discharge table moves completed bundle to C-frames
  • With the use of a discharge table, the rollformer will continue to run while the bundle is being packaged