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Coil Reel

Metal Rollforming Systems offers three types of coil reels – the Titan Series, the Signature Series and the Patriot Series coil reels.

Coil Reels are ideal for heavier coil or longer run requirements.

  • 5-ton, 6-ton and 10-ton capacity
  • Up to 200-feet per minute
  • Automatic precision speed adjustment
  • Four arms instead of three
  • Hydraulic powered center expandable arms
  • The arms allow the coil reel to tightly and securely hold coil
  • Precision speed adjustment allows proper speed control for the coil reel, constantly adjusting to match the speed of the rollformer

Coil carts aid in the ease of loading and unloading of coil, resulting in more time for running metal.  The Coil Reel is an ideal expansion to any rollforming or slitting line.


Four arms instead of three

The four arms keep the coil load more secure and maintains coil roundness.

Titan Coil Reel

Titan Coil Reels have a 10-ton or 6-ton capacity and will run at speeds up to 200′ per minute. The coil reel is equipped with maximum duty bent axis motor and gearbox which drives the coil reel to precision speed.

Signature Coil Reel

The Signature Coil Reel has a 6 ton capacity and can run at speeds up to 150′ per minute.

Patriot Coil Reel

The Patriot Coil Reel is slightly downsized from the Signature Coil Reel. The Patriot has a 5-ton capacity and can run at speeds up to 120′ per minute.

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