Do you want to sell products that can proudly be said to be 100% ‘Made in America’?

Striving to sell quality, American-made products is not only patriotic, but it can be a smart business decision, too. 


Products that are Made in the USA are always popular with customers and with volatility in the trade markets, particularly the tariffs imposed on China by the Trump administration, there are other tax and economic benefits to American made and sourced products.

If your goal is to produce and sell 100% American-made metal products, Metal Rollforming Systems can help. Our Rollformers are produced at our facility in Spokane, Washington. Moreover, our experienced team can help you source your metal from our network of domestic raw material providers. 

Supporting American-based manufacturers and products has been shown to reduce income inequality, lower the unemployment rate by creating jobs and help balance our trade and budget deficits.

The manufacturing sector employs 8.8 percent of this country’s total employment and, on average, workers make $1.78 more per hour than other sectors, according to the Alliance for American Manufacturing.


Supporting American manufacturers is supporting the health of this sector, and in turn, supporting our economy.

Opportunities surround every business and consumer to be more aware of the origin of their purchases.

If every builder in America used 5 percent more American goods in their construction project, that would equate to 220,000 more manufacturing jobs. Imagine expanding that to every manufacturer buying 5 percent more from U.S. suppliers and American consumers buying 5 percent more of their household goods from the U.S. The impact would be massive.


At Metal Rollforming Systems, we’re very proud of the role we’re playing in the renaissance of manufacturing in the United States. We’d like you to join us in the fight for a sustained economy and environment.