We here at Metal Rollforming Systems are on a constant mission to improve ourselves and our product line. Recently we had the opportunity to work with a wonderful client in the Michigan area. While his specifications were simple; a compact machine powered by hydraulics with manual controls, we wanted to make sure that the end result was a product that delivered the quality and consistency that is synonymous with the Metal Rollforming Systems name. Our engineering team got to work designing a hydraulic circuit to meet these needs. We developed a line that uses 12vdc to measure the part length. This is then displayed at the operator console. The operator uses a joystick with a speed range from 0-130 feet per minute to run the part out to length before pushing an air over air button to fire the shear. The shear fire cycles are recorded on an air counter and the sheet length is reset via a pressure switch.

The entire electrical system can be operated on a car battery or 8 “D” batteries. The function is smooth,and the counter is accurate. We did all of this while working on a tight 12-week schedule. In the end the customer was extremely pleased and is looking forward to expanding with similar machines in different locations.