For most people, having dogs in the workplace seems like something out of a dream. These days, however, more and more offices are going to the dogs. While it’s not always feasible due to allergies or regulatory concerns, companies have come to realize the many benefits of adopting a dog-friendly workplace. Here at MRS, we’re lucky to celebrate every day like it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. Meet our mascot, Stanley. He’s loves coming to work to see all of his friends. How much do we love office dogs? Let us count the ways! Here are 8 advantages of a dog-friendly workplace. Enjoy!

1. Office dogs help reduce employee stress

Stress in the workplace is inevitable, but studies show dogs can help lower stress levels and improve employee job satisfaction. After all, pets tend to create a comfortable work environment that helps to counterbalance any on-the-job tension. When you think about how adorable dogs can be, it makes complete sense that having them around the workplace would be a mood booster.

2. Dogs boost office morale

Don’t you just love that instant mood booster you get when a dog greets you excitedly? That kind of satisfaction can only come from the unconditional adoration of a canine—and it can do wonders for office morale. Dealing with the pressure of a tight deadline? Take a deep breath, pat a dog, smile, and hop to it!

3. Dog-friendly workplaces promote productivity

So what happens to a workplace of happier, less stressed employees? They become more productive, of course! You might think that an office full of cute dogs would be cause for distraction—which is probably somewhat true. That said, the benefits far outweigh the initial novelty. Taking short breaks helps rejuvenate employees so they can return to their work with more gusto, making them more productive.

4. Office pups help improve communication

Poor communication in the workplace can be a huge hindrance to productivity. Particularly in offices where people tend to stick to themselves, office dogs encourage team building. Pets create an instant shared interest and can facilitate deeper conversations—which is great for improving communication.

5. Dogs encourage a healthier lifestyle in the office

Speaking of teamwork, raising a pack of office dogs takes a village—or in this case, a workplace. Dogs need to be taken outside regularly to do their business and to get exercise. Keeping an office pup active helps prevent behavior issues. Plus, active pets require active humans—and active humans make for more energized employees.

6. Dog-friendly offices improve employee retention

Healthy lifestyles in office have been linked to less stress-related health issues, and as a result, less absenteeism. Dog-friendly workplaces elevate job satisfaction, which then vastly improves employee retention.

7. Dog-friendly workplaces appear more attractive to prospective employees

From a recruitment point of view, having happy employees is one of the best ways to encourage top industry talent to work for your company. Plus, the promise of office dogs? That’s one heck of an incentive in our eyes!

8. Office dogs get socialized, rather than being left home alone

In a dog-friendly environment, it’s not all about the people. Consider this—inviting dogs into the office is also great for the pups! Rather than staying cooped up at home alone, or at an expensive doggy daycare, office dogs are spoiled with attention and good company at work.