Rollforming Accessories: Back-Cut Shear

The in-house manufacturing process of Metal Rollforming Systems (MRS) includes a variety of accessories that go beyond basic expectations. In a recent post, we discussed the capabilities of our Ridge-Cap Press. Today, we’ll expand your rollforming knowledge by taking a more detailed look at our Back-Cut Shear and its uses.

What is Back-Cut Shear?

Any time you need materials to be cut during the rollforming process, you need a shear. If you’re feeling medieval, shears are also commonly referred to as guillotines. They are a common part of metal coil and sheet processing rollformers that are most commonly found in pre-cut and back-cut varieties.

Used before the metal enters the rollforming process, pre-cut shearing offers clean cuts but also restricts your options in terms of cut length.

When the length restrictions of a pre-cut shear might become an issue, a back-cut shear can save the day. Parts form in the earlier stages of the process before cuts are made, which allows the back-cut shear to create parts measuring around 1 foot or even smaller.

Why Choose the MRS Back-Cut Shear?

Metal Rollforming Systems employs a freestanding back-cut shear as part of our core service offerings. Because its ability to reduce formed panels to any length, back-cut shear gives our customers a far greater degree of design freedom regardless of what their project’s ultimate goals may be.

In order to meet and exceed your rollforming needs and expectations, the MRS back-cut shear includes features such as:

  • A 10-foot entry table
  • Designed to rotate, allowing two different guides for two different profiles to be utilized within the same project.
  • A 36 inch fully adjustable backstop
    • Designed to accommodate the size profile of any sheets needing to be cut.
  • A panel designed profile die set.
    • Designed to shear materials from 30 to 22 gauge with ease
  • A push button pendant controller that grants the efficiency of one-man operation.