Metal Rollforming Systems is privileged and honored to have our Titan II line selected as one of the top 10 products of the year by readers of Metal Roofing Magazine. 

Our customers and industry professionals continue to recognize the value, versatility, and reliability that we at MRS have worked so hard to instill into not just our Titan line but every other piece of equipment that we design, sell, and manufacture.

Our Titan line is the pinnacle of our rollforming equipment offering.  Offering line speeds options exceeding 200 feet per minute, the ability to run multiple profiles plus process flat sheets to length for your trim, and an extended service interval to accommodate the highest production requirements, the Titan line stands tall above its peers.

Our modular design elements allow the Titan to be designed and built with a single profile, and have a second profile field installed.  This keeps the price point and barrier to entry low, while simultaneously giving our customers the ability to grow and add products and features as their needs evolve.  Many of these new products and features are focused on new panel profiles.  Profiles such as a Quad rib and Tri Rib which gives the simulated look of standing seam but installs with exposed fasteners drastically reducing the cost for the end user, Corrugated profiles adding design elements for both interior and exterior buildings, and many more.  These profiles are ideal for our Titan line.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers and industry professionals that continue to recognize the hard work and effort our team puts in on a regular basis to assure MRS equipment continues to be a leader in the industry.