Why you should choose Metal RollForming Systems

to be your equipment partner

Metal Rollforming Systems is the industry leader for high quality rollforming equipment designed for the metal building industry and manufactured in the United States. MRS was founded in 1993 with a single goal; offer a quality product at an affordable price. Since that time MRS has continued to grow and expand not only our equipment line but our customers and partners.

Industry Leading Equipment

MRS designs, manufactures, and sells some of the highest quality equipment on the market. By constantly innovating and never settling we continually challenge our design team of engineers, machinists, fabricators, and technicians. We offer ground braking and innovative equipment like

A. Patriot Rollformer

The most innovative and cost-effective panel rollformer on the market. Most versatile line on the market; get the ability to run multiple panels, flat sheets, and utilize the slit and recoil functionality!

B. Titan Rollformer

A high production, large volume machine designed for larger companies with multiple shifts. Achieve amazing production speeds while maximizing uptime with simple operation.

C. Trim Rollformers

Available in a single profile up to 5 or more depending on profile selection. Make up to 650 pieces of 10’ trim in one hour!

“We have been using MRS Rollforming panel machines, trim roll forming machines, stand-alone slitters and a ridge press since 2007 in our original location and have since added a new MRS panel machine in our second location. We chose the MRS rollformer for many reasons, but the primary reason is because it works!

We have multiple other pieces of equipment but the MRS machines flat out perform longer and better than any others we have on the floor. Although issues do arise, the quality and the experienced service technicians at MRS beat every other machine and equipment manufacturer that we have dealt with in our 10 Years of business. The technicians know how to fix our problem, they are available, and they call back. The parts are in stock so you are not waiting on parts from another country. Dan, Bill and Frank know their machines and have set up a company that understands the importance of our machine operating at its peak performance every day. Our success helps ensure their success. Our next machine, MRS!”

Pat Brown

VP, Mansea Metal Mfg.


MRS strives to grow partnerships, not customers. By putting our partners first and taking a holistic view to their business strategy we are able to form relationships far beyond a standard vendor. Often, we serve as a consultant offering advise on industry, equipment, and material vendors. By setting our partners up for success we are able to not only sell the initial panel line, but also accessory equipment; hemmers, trim rollformers, and slitters that aid in growth and profitability.

“Long Creek Steel is happy to have been partnered with MRS for the last 20 years. In that time we have purchased 5 panel lines, with all of them remaining in operation to this day. The service is second to none, they deliver the most prompt and professional response whenever there is a need.”

George Hofer

President, Long Creek Steel

Sales, Service, Support, & Quality

By controlling every facet of the business, MRS can offer the highest quality and best service in every category. Our team of industry professionals has over 500 years of combined experience that they will be happy to put to work for you.

A. Sales

MRS sale’s model is direct, business to end user with no middle man. By limiting traveling salespeople and selling direct, MRS is able to keep our costs down and, as a result, offer a higher quality machine at a reduced price.

B. Service & Support

Every MRS service tech is directly employed by MRS, and when not providing field service is in the plant assembling equipment.

C. Quality

By designing, fabricating, machining, and assembling all the components in house MRS is able to tightly control the quality of the end product. Our state of the art facility in Spokane, WA is home to world class tradesmen and women who take great pride in their craft. We also work with a team of amazing vendors who share our goals, values, and beliefs.

“MRS leads the pack when it comes to customer service. Frank and the guys are just a phone call away to help with any problems you may have with your roll former. They break things down and explain how to repair your rollformer in a way that most anyone can follow. When parts are needed, they can ship the RIGHT parts to you in less than 24 hours, so down time is at a minimum. No other company I have dealt with in my 18 years in this business has been more pleasant and helpful than MRS!”

Ray Robley

Manager, Baker Metal Works


With prices starting in the low six figures our equipment is the most economically priced, quality equipment available. How are we able to offer a quality machine at such a reduced price compared to our competitors?

A. 100% Control of manufacturing and sales process

Designing, machining, fabricating, programming, assembly, powder coating . . . it is all done in house, in Washington State.

B. Direct Sales

No middle men, no outside sales.

C. Vendors

High volume, high quality vendor relationships.

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“Service is the lifeblood of our organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it.
Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude.”